Saturday, March 12, 2011

This Is What He wants me to believe he does all day..

 by jenny.bean.toves
a photo by jenny.bean.toves on Flickr.
He Obviously sits at home all day watcing the littlest Hobo, right? WRONG!! ((bears eat beets!)) he sits at home working out the very best plan in which to take me down.
always pretending to be sweet and loving.. like i brought him up right.. truth is, I fail as a mother!!!

why don't they make quality fun filled moral delema shows anymore?
I miss London.. and Babar..

Is this Babars house
Elephants shower with their nose!!

also..further more..on a side note of chopped liver....
The troll is still living in the walls and stove.. Merlin has yet to discover his true defaults and weekness.. If any..
I found a tiny sword today at work, I think it could have been a troll sword from years ago. bet he wishes he had it now.
on an even moooooore curious note.. the monster refuses to leave the cupbourds, despite all my hard effort to lure him out with peanut butter and chocolate chips.. I think he is shy :)

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