Friday, July 29, 2011

sex drugs and dinosaurs. Pipes Dreads and cancer. Oh My. + 5/8 Ear Stretch!

Pipes.. Less Cancerous Lungs.. Dread Tams And.. Dinosaurs!?

I've Stopped Smoking. You Should Be Ever So Proud.
Who Ever YOU Are o.O 
TEll Me Who YOu Are!? 
I'm Pleased As Punch For My Newly.. Freshyly.. Less Cancerous.. Glorious Lungs And Taste Buds.
I Only Wish More People Would See The Obvious Good They Would Be Doing Their Bodies By Stopping Such Cruelty To Their Precious Bodies.
But I'm Not Here To Preach. Just Happy Is All. And Proud.

My Boilfriend Bought Me A Wooden Pipe From Today.
It Is So Pretty And Long((thats what she said))! I Don't Plan On Smoking Drugs Or Real Tabacco In It.. So DOn't Worry. That WOuldn't Even Make Sense After THe Last Writings Above! 
I'm Pretty Excited Tho. 

My Dread Tam Slouchy came in the mail today.
Oh My, Is It Ever Comfy. My Dreads Are So Happy For THis New Home:) If You Are EVer To Want A good quality Tam, head on over to Etsy and Go to StarrCrunch's Shop. Lovely Stuff. real nice Seeming Lady:)

Furthermore... My EARS.. Now Stretched To A 5/8! In White! Very Pretty. Very WOndrous! 

I Lied About THe Dinosaurs.. 
Please Don't Cry.
THey are pretty fricken awesome tho, aren't they.
maybe when I grow up I'll be a dinosaur.

Never Lose Your Dinosaur!!

Excuse Me While I Light My Spliff!!


 This Man Is Wondrous.
Who Wouldn't Want To HAve Him As A Tour Guide!?!?!?!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

REDRUM! LUSH Cosmetics And The Grateful Dead!

I went on a lovely trip to the mall with my Boil..
He bought me this whole "Little Green Bag" set From LUSH..
It's so Wondrous.. It contained: Jungle Conditioner ((which I don't use on my baby dreads:s))Just smells delightful! Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar((absolutely LOVE On my Dreads)). Mini Sugar Scrub((superb for removing dead skins!)). Peach Mini Massage Bar((smellllys so yum)) AND a Shampoo bar tin.. I can Never have too many of those!

The I bought myself The jumpin juniper Shampoo Bar with lavender.. it Murders them nasty mold spores!
And as well.. The lips tint.. "it started with a kiss" really pretty shade of Red

I also Found A sorta biography thing written by Phil Lesh Of the grateful dead! it was only $2 at chapters! I'm excited to read it.. THe Dead Are Amazing.

Waiting for things to come in the mail is lame.. they take too long and I'm too impatient!..

And Now For You.. Little Green Bag.. In The Spirit Of My Yummy Lushes!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Remind Me Of The Babe..

What Babe? Babe With The power..
What Power? Power Of Voodoo!
Who Do? You Do!
Do What? Remind me of The Babe!

this is what happens in my brains when I'm tired.. random breaking out into..SOng!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

(( Janis Joplin!)) Sometimes...

I wish I was born in a different time..

Janis! <3

I Am The God Of HellFire.. And I Bring You.. FIRE!!

Ontario.. Is on FIRE. I'm never going to sleep, due to severe melting of myself. The Boy. And Little Puddles Of fuzzy animal Critters. 

Ice cream

Thinking of colder times.. Really I want Fall.. But Then WInter will come along all like.. Hey You Guys!!!! It's Me Again! 
I'm not too fond of the winter once it is insane cold.. but right now.. it sounds lovely.

I'm deciding if I should start selling my things online. like random things I've made and such.. So many of these silly sites want me to pay,, I dunno... maybe..

I try to bed now I guess.. Probably not.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It is so sickeningly HOT in Ontario!! 
Forest Fires And such horrible event happening all over the country:(
I feel bad for my suffering babies,, and by babies I clearly mean my fuzzy creatures.. who are my babes:)
the apartment is just as hot as outside, if not hotter.
It is 1am and I can't sleep.. becuz of extreme melting.

Really glad I don't have to work tomor.. record breaking heat thursday!
THo, I think I'll drag y boy out to find portable air cooler.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

EVEN MORE... Sunshine And Happiness For All!!!!

I just ordered Festival Express  And Woodstock The 40th Anniversary Edition.. AND.. I'm pleased as punch about it:) I can't wait to own them on DVD.

Lovely Other notes: My Dread Babies Are Now Three Weeks Old. and very happy and silly looking:) I Heart THem..
A few bottom ones are Older.. however long ago Earth Day Was When I had done the first ones..Hmm.. I don't know.

My spleen Has issues still.
I think it is my spleen. can't tell for sure.. The walk in clinic wouldn't let me see a doctor.. my health card expired on my day of birth and I somehow did't know this... they rejected me at any rate.
I went to get a new health card and got a temp one.. but I dunno if they will allow me to see the doc still....
I have no other ID to prove I am mee.

that shall be all for now...

go look at the MOON! It is Real Pretty Tonight:)

Much Love And Peace <3

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You would think Mercury was retrograde or something..

Today started off so lovely. Happy.. High spirited!
Then I went a little crazy when I got this strange feeling that i'd forgotten to do something at home. My first thought was.. The cats.. I might have left the back door open to the balcony. Panic and the feeling of anxiousness set in.. fallowed by repeatedly calling my boyfriend on the phone.. with no success.
he finally text me.. telling me it was all fine at home base :)
this doomed me.. for the rest of the day......

As much as I try, I can't make today less sucky..
I was relieved to hear my pudding cats were fine and in the house tho:)

by the bye..
NEVER lend family.. your name..? They will probably put you in debt before you are 30.. wise words you read here today.. Keep THAT in mind.. buy the ticket.. take the ride.

we did get our daily tee shirt grab bags today!!
I think I might have to start posting my shirts.. Like I'm not a big enough dork already...?! Hmmm

And... I give you..Keyboard Cat!!!

This is all.... I'm too tired to care anymore.. 

5am wake up call.. GoooodMorning!!!!

I awoke with Hijo De La Luna Stuck in my head. It's so pretty that I can't mind too much.
I made my dread babies a blonde/brown sorta colour.. I just washed them.. They are lovely and.. happy.. silly..
Now For You....

Very lovely.. Listen:)

 Guess I'll ready for work now....
Much Love And Peace <3

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunshine ANd Happiness For All

Hang Drum....I require one of these.. right away.
I'm feeling musical and need something pretty to express it with:)
The World seems so lovely and peaceful today. I'm happy to be a part of it.

We got a new buddy the day before Canada day.
A ferret to be precise.. A little Girl ferret.. her name is Varla!
"I never try anything. I just do it. And I don't beat clocks, just people! Wanna try me?"

On another note.
Bleached my red dreads. They are happier and smile often now:)