Friday, July 29, 2011

sex drugs and dinosaurs. Pipes Dreads and cancer. Oh My. + 5/8 Ear Stretch!

Pipes.. Less Cancerous Lungs.. Dread Tams And.. Dinosaurs!?

I've Stopped Smoking. You Should Be Ever So Proud.
Who Ever YOU Are o.O 
TEll Me Who YOu Are!? 
I'm Pleased As Punch For My Newly.. Freshyly.. Less Cancerous.. Glorious Lungs And Taste Buds.
I Only Wish More People Would See The Obvious Good They Would Be Doing Their Bodies By Stopping Such Cruelty To Their Precious Bodies.
But I'm Not Here To Preach. Just Happy Is All. And Proud.

My Boilfriend Bought Me A Wooden Pipe From Today.
It Is So Pretty And Long((thats what she said))! I Don't Plan On Smoking Drugs Or Real Tabacco In It.. So DOn't Worry. That WOuldn't Even Make Sense After THe Last Writings Above! 
I'm Pretty Excited Tho. 

My Dread Tam Slouchy came in the mail today.
Oh My, Is It Ever Comfy. My Dreads Are So Happy For THis New Home:) If You Are EVer To Want A good quality Tam, head on over to Etsy and Go to StarrCrunch's Shop. Lovely Stuff. real nice Seeming Lady:)

Furthermore... My EARS.. Now Stretched To A 5/8! In White! Very Pretty. Very WOndrous! 

I Lied About THe Dinosaurs.. 
Please Don't Cry.
THey are pretty fricken awesome tho, aren't they.
maybe when I grow up I'll be a dinosaur.

Never Lose Your Dinosaur!!

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