Wednesday, July 27, 2011

REDRUM! LUSH Cosmetics And The Grateful Dead!

I went on a lovely trip to the mall with my Boil..
He bought me this whole "Little Green Bag" set From LUSH..
It's so Wondrous.. It contained: Jungle Conditioner ((which I don't use on my baby dreads:s))Just smells delightful! Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar((absolutely LOVE On my Dreads)). Mini Sugar Scrub((superb for removing dead skins!)). Peach Mini Massage Bar((smellllys so yum)) AND a Shampoo bar tin.. I can Never have too many of those!

The I bought myself The jumpin juniper Shampoo Bar with lavender.. it Murders them nasty mold spores!
And as well.. The lips tint.. "it started with a kiss" really pretty shade of Red

I also Found A sorta biography thing written by Phil Lesh Of the grateful dead! it was only $2 at chapters! I'm excited to read it.. THe Dead Are Amazing.

Waiting for things to come in the mail is lame.. they take too long and I'm too impatient!..

And Now For You.. Little Green Bag.. In The Spirit Of My Yummy Lushes!!

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