Wednesday, July 6, 2011

You would think Mercury was retrograde or something..

Today started off so lovely. Happy.. High spirited!
Then I went a little crazy when I got this strange feeling that i'd forgotten to do something at home. My first thought was.. The cats.. I might have left the back door open to the balcony. Panic and the feeling of anxiousness set in.. fallowed by repeatedly calling my boyfriend on the phone.. with no success.
he finally text me.. telling me it was all fine at home base :)
this doomed me.. for the rest of the day......

As much as I try, I can't make today less sucky..
I was relieved to hear my pudding cats were fine and in the house tho:)

by the bye..
NEVER lend family.. your name..? They will probably put you in debt before you are 30.. wise words you read here today.. Keep THAT in mind.. buy the ticket.. take the ride.

we did get our daily tee shirt grab bags today!!
I think I might have to start posting my shirts.. Like I'm not a big enough dork already...?! Hmmm

And... I give you..Keyboard Cat!!!

This is all.... I'm too tired to care anymore.. 

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