Thursday, July 14, 2011

EVEN MORE... Sunshine And Happiness For All!!!!

I just ordered Festival Express  And Woodstock The 40th Anniversary Edition.. AND.. I'm pleased as punch about it:) I can't wait to own them on DVD.

Lovely Other notes: My Dread Babies Are Now Three Weeks Old. and very happy and silly looking:) I Heart THem..
A few bottom ones are Older.. however long ago Earth Day Was When I had done the first ones..Hmm.. I don't know.

My spleen Has issues still.
I think it is my spleen. can't tell for sure.. The walk in clinic wouldn't let me see a doctor.. my health card expired on my day of birth and I somehow did't know this... they rejected me at any rate.
I went to get a new health card and got a temp one.. but I dunno if they will allow me to see the doc still....
I have no other ID to prove I am mee.

that shall be all for now...

go look at the MOON! It is Real Pretty Tonight:)

Much Love And Peace <3

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