Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day = Great Job!!

I was a good girl. I did lots to help out the planet. :)
I was thinking about how earth day is pretty important to people, and I try to inform people of the danger our planet is in. It occured to me that people should just know this! and use every day to be nice to our beautiful planet!!! but theres this lazyness with most people.. It's sickening that you don't care! what would the carebears think!?!?!

I finished my Dreads for Earth Day! ((real dreads!not synth))
I decided that I'd make Dreads a couple days ago, as I'm lazy and have done EVERYTHING you can imagine to do with hair and it's colour!
I figured Dreads will me enviromentally friendly as I'll not be partaking in the using of chemicals and sprays to poison pretty planet:) and no cans to dispose of! I'm also doing them all natural.. not gross gooey waxes or added garbage that isn't needed!!
awe I'm pleased as punch!!
I'm looking rather cavewoman-ish..?! it's wonderous!!

I really want to hide eggs all around my apartment for tomor! ♥ I think I'm troubled and going thru a regressive faze.. I am now 6 yrs old..!? Happy EasterNesS

Peace.Love And Happinesss!!!

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