Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dread Babies.. Natural and Happy :)

So I had my first set of Dreads that I did On Earth Day.
I clearly took them out.. well, maybe not so clear.. but did!! They didn't seem happy living there on my head, so I combed them out. except a few underneath :)
I felt incomplete after having them, then taking them out.. So I'm here again.. for real this time!
Recently I started them again.. I sectioned them and did some rip/twist and some backcombed ((rip/twist worked lovely on mine)) one.. Now.. I'm just leaving them alone to do their thing.. except for the washing I'll start soon:)
I'm pretty happy about them. They are beautiful.
ALSO!.... I took OUt ALL that CRAP! to allow for happier dread babies ...

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