Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mercury Retrograde. world in chaos.

Have you been feeling off?
Things just don't seem as they shud!?
I blame this on the Retrograde Mercury Is currently in.
It seems to always have an effect on me. 
I thought I was just slipping into some strange sad little stupid child state.. which I've got under control over this past year quite well, so I was pretty scared it had something to do with my old depression nonsense.
After a little thinking I thought.. hey! this could be due to a retrograde.. and sure enough it is:)
I was so Relieved to figure it all out.

So the world is in chaos, eh?
I was aware, but pretty ignorant to it.
We don't have TV. and I like it this way.
I don't like seeing all this tragic nonsense going on.

The Alaska Orange Goo is pretty neat!
I'm pretty convinced they are alien eggs!

This riot business is pretty horrible.
why can't we just live happy? and not be mean and cruel to one another!? It makes my heart frown that the world is so unpleasant:(

TODAYS NEWS "So the news for today. The UK is on fire and burning, NATO is murdering the Libyans. Canada is kicking the Libyan diplomats out so they can go home and be murdered by NATO. Israel is in protest. The Syrian government is bombing its people. There is a orange goo in Alaska. The stock markets are playing teeter-totter. And the Sun is waking up and buying its time before it sends us back to little house on the prairie. Life is grand"

I can't think of any other wonderful stories for the moment.
Goodnight Moon!
Oh Yea! The moon is beautiful.. Go Stare at it!

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