Saturday, May 7, 2011


I await patiently for China-LAnd food.. And chew the last ity bity pieces of my candy.
Merlin watches from beside me.. he want's candy aswell.. "YOU CANT HAVE CANDY!! YOUR A CAT!"
Hoggy, you know?Hoggy.. These words..I want to murderland my boil-Friend....

On a Dread Note:
I've restarted the Dreads. I had brushed them out you see.
I'm only doing the underneath at the moment, Mostly because I'm lazy.

We have a fake life..concerning/involving our neighbor..who isn't at all fake.. but not as known to us as we talk or claim.. His role in our life seems important.. we speak of him often.. Mostly of his donut baking, blood draining, vampiric ways. In our lives, Edward Is a hero(( not to be confused with edward from Twatlight..EWW!!))

I think dreads are wonderful..In green.

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