Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've become Obsessed With Daily T-Shirt sites. Ever since this Lovely Adorkable child at work started working there and sporting his wondrous, silly, dorky as all hell shirts.
When I acquired about where he was finding such treasures, he claimed they were from Teefury.. What a wonderful little site THAT is! BuT!! after falling in love with it I've discovered MORE sites!! and watch them daily for cheap..frickin frackin geeky apparel to please my inner nerd.

I guess that's all I've really got...

OH!!! soe lady took pictures of me near the Lake Of Faeries!!! FairyLake to be exact! I shall be accompanying my boilfriend in the towns banner paper..AND..I'm sure it was a horrific shot! At least my hair was lovely and new with it's brilliant Green :)

Much Love And Peace. <3

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